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XXVII is a combination of the consistency in puzzle design and theme of complete seclusion from the game "The Witness", portal mechanics from the game "Portal", z-layered world structure from the game "Dwarf Fortress" and isometric pixel art styles and lighting methods from games as "Titan Souls", "Enter The Gungeon" and "Hyper Light Drifter".

The core idea of XXVII is the simple ability to teleport the Actor from one designated spot to another across and in-between z-layers. The secondary feature is the ability for the player make the Actor interact with schematic like wires systems that involve fixed in place switches, wires and doors.In regards to the gameplay, all event are scripted. This feature makes it possible to have very open and unique environments and structures. XXVII features a story that is told with the use of the environmental storytelling alone. There are no other intelligent entities in the game other than the actor. The environment is the only entity that player will be able to interact in unique and quite convoluted ways. However, the environment is not static.

The graphics of the game feature many animated components and naturally shaped architecture and environmental landmarks that in combination create a vibrant, contrasting and naturally flowing aesthetic.


XXVII by Nikita Kotter.zip 17 MB


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for some reason I can't run it... and I was so interested!

I like the idea! Are you going to add more things to the game or it was just one time prototype?