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@Nikita Kotter

Is there any chance of a linux port? I know you can export unity games as linux executable

_LOVE_ the art style. keep at it! controls were a bit a thing to get to used to, and pen-tablet input (which i use exclusively) forces cursor to top right corner.. cant wait to see what you guys do with this gem.


Thank you, We will do our best to make it amazing.

Wow! Guys this game is just amazing! I've always liked the "Defend your base" kinda games and this one is definitely one of my favorite! Keep up the good work! 

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Thank you.
We will have a look at the championship.

4 more days till keyboard and mouse support.... be happy no controller ppl :)

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the trailer is so epic and i really want to play it. unfortunately i dont have a controller :( pls tell me when it support keyboard and mouse

Thank you for showing interest in our game. The keyboard and mouse support will become available on the 16th of March.


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Where can I find out which buttons on a keyboard and mouse do what? All that I am able to do with my keyboard is move around the little circle on the menu screen.

Ah, I figured it out. My client by default selected the out-of-date version of the software, before keyboard support, and the instructions as to "hold down the LMB" were found in the update logs.

It seems ok, but the game was incredibly laggy. I couldn't play it at all.

We have just released a new build that should be much more optimised. If you could give it a try and let us know if the issue still occurs that would be really appreciated.

Not a bad start! I feel like I'd have enjoyed it a lot more if I knew what was going on, a basic training mission would go a long way to helping that. But the visual style was awesome, controls were cool and watching the scenarios play out was fun! Just had no clue what I was doing :)

Thank you for playing the game and the feedback. We will be releasing a new build next Saturday. It will address some of the issues that you have encountered. The development of the campaign and tutorial missions will begin in March.